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Regina - Cat Sitter & Dog Boarder Barks N Purrs Toronto


Job Title: Part time dog boarder, dog walker and Cat sitter

Hey my name is Regina, I am 31. years old and I was born in Hamburg, Germany. I am in Toronto for the purpose of a working holiday and to explore this gorgeous city and country.

In March 2011 I finished my studies for Social Work at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences with a degree of Bachelor of Arts. Previously I made an apprenticeship as a graduated nurse.

I always loved animals, especially dogs, but my family didn’t have the time to keep one. So, I used to do dog walking and taking care for the neighbours’ dogs and cats to supplement my income in Germany during high school. During my studies I took care of the dogs of friends and others family’s, including keeping them for the weekend or vacation times.

In Germany, we’ve adopted my dog Paula from an animal shelter. She was about 1.5 years old when we gave her a new home. She is a mixed up between a wire-haired Dachshund and a Westhighland White Terrier. She recovered soon from her bad experience. To handle her hunting instinct and her very special Terrier character and to learn more about how to train dogs we visited a dog school. After she passed the training lessons we used to do dog agility with her.

During my visit at the dog school I learned a lot about dog behaviour and how to deal with dogs issues.

Working as a dog walker is the great opportunity being surrounded by dogs and taking care of them. There is no better reward than the wag of the tail of a happy dog.

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