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Lindsay - Full time dog walker and cat sitter


Job Title: Full time dog walker and cat sitter

Neighbourhood: Fort York

Lindsay has been surrounded by an assortment of animals her whole life – cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, horses, reptiles, and 6 younger siblings! If you would have told Lindsay, age 7, that she could have a job caring for amazing dogs and cats every day, she wouldn’t have believed you, but that’s exactly what she does now at age 22, and she loves it! More of homebody than a party goer, some of her hobbies include reading, learning languages, crafting, camping, and doing all sorts of art. She finds that having a job where she can walk around the city in the company of a furry friend or two can be very inspiring. When she’s not out visiting your beloved pets, you can find her at home doing watercolours or snuggling with her pet rats, Chamomile, Chai, Jasmine, and Matcha.

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