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Job Title: Full-time Dog Walker, Cat Sitter and Dog Boarder

Neighbourhood: Cityplace

 I’ve grown up with all sorts of animals since I was a baby. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish, hamsters, spiders and snakes! You could say it was a zoo house, but I absolutely love being surround by animals. Back home, London UK, we’ve always had a family dog since day one. For 7 years we had a boxer called Roxi and now, my own little girl, a Dalmatian called Lola. Who I miss very very much!
In the UK, I’ve volunteered in a few dog shelters and charities that help with homeless owners dogs. I’ve cared for my friends dogs and cats, from living with them to a good old a walk. Over the years I’ve become very interested in learning about how animals minds work on a deeper level!
Since moving to Toronto, I knew I wanted a job working with animals. I always have, even back home. I also live with a 4 beautiful rescue dogs !. I’m a huge outdoors enthusiast and you’ll always find me hiking or on my bicycle! So, I’m SO excited to be given the chance to have everything I love in one. I can’t wait too meet all the animals and give them tons of cuddles! 🙂