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Heather Cat Sitter Barks N Purrs Toronto


Job Title: Part time cat sitter

I was born and raised in Alberta, so if you hear me say “Dundas” strangely, now you’ll know why! Growing up, we had a Miniature American Eskimo that I helped train and take care of, and when she passed away, I really missed having a dog around. That’s how I knew Barks N Purrs would be a good fit for me!

In my previous life I was a music teacher and choir conductor in Calgary. After moving to Toronto in 2017, I thought it was the perfect moment for a career change, and so I joined the Barks N Purrs team. I enjoy helping to take care of our clients’ furry family members, and as a substitute walker, I get to meet and get to know many of the dogs in the Barks N Purrs family. My favourite parts of the job are seeing happy puppies out on a walk, and taking cute photos to send to their parents.

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