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Job Title: Part-time Dog Walker, Cat Sitter and Dog Boarder

Hey! I’m Colleen, I moved to Toronto from Chicago in 2015 to continue my career in the film world- doing special effects makeup and prop building. I found myself stressed out all the time and the things I love about the career slowly slipped away. I’ve always loved animals and nature, grew up around dogs and horses- I quickly fell in love with dog walking/boarding, along with cat sitting and over the last year my entire life has been less stressful. Decided to quit the film world and focus on working with animals. I’m now working with the VEH of West Toronto in the ER and continue to be a substitute dog-walker! When I’m not walking dogs or at the ER, I’m volunteering at the Toronto Wildlife Centre or hanging out in the park with my French bulldog, Frankie. I hope to work with an wildlife sanctuary someday, doing educational outreach, but until then, I’m happy here with Barks n’ Purrs!