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We’re in the business of getting your dog outside and having fun!

Dog Walking Barks 'N' Purrs, downtown TorontoWalks aren’t just for bathroom breaks. Dogs are social creatures and need companionship, socialization, and exercise.  Our fun filled on leash group walks provide an opportunity for your dog to play, sniff the local hydrant, smell the flowers and learn basic foundation skills.  This is all done with the use of positive reinforcement.

So how does dog walking work?

  • Group Dog walks last either 30 or 60 minutes, starting once we are outside
  • We stick to your neighborhood so your dog feels comfortable and safe
  • Walks are on-leash. Off-leash will only be considered if your dog has excellent recall in a contained park
  • We use an online software system that allows the walker to leave a detailed note about your dogs day along with a photo
  • We continue any positive training methods that you are working on with your dog
  • Time for water and treat breaks
  • We will towel dry on those rainy or snowy days
  • No more the 4 dogs in a Group Walk

New Clients: The first step is to meet you and your dog in your home. This is a great way to have your dog meet us and go over the details of your pet.  Once we have confirmed a good fit for your dog, you are free to book your walks online anytime.

Take a moment to look over our Policy and Procedure page before Requesting a Service


  • All dogs must have a secure leashes or harness with a name tag/phone # attached at all times.
  • We do not accept any prong, choking, or any aversive collars
  • All leashes should be around 6ft and in good form.  We do not accept retractable leashes
  • All dogs must be neutered/spayed after 1 year of age
  • Up to date with Vaccinations
  • Minimum of 14 week of age (3rd round of puppy shots required)
  • Must be able to walk on a leash without pulling.  We reccommend the front lead harness for dogs that pull
  • All dogs must be comfortable with humans other than their owners, with no bite history.
  • Please leave all necessary cleaning/towel supplies visible so we can clean them off on wet days


Ways To Contact Us!

Ways to Contact Barks 'n' Purrs

Call Barks 'n' Purrs 416 943-9255 Email Barks 'n' Purrs Click to fill in our Service Request Form


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