Cat Visits

Wanna play with me, come visit me while my parents are away

We are no longer taking New Clients until 2017.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Cat sitting is a wonderful way to care for your feline while you are away. Domestic cats aren’t partial to a change of scene, so it’s great that your pet stays in the comfort of her own home.

Your cat and home get personalized attention while you’re away.

So how does cat care work?

  • Each visit is 30 minutes long
  • We replenish food and water you have provided
  • We clean litter and deposit it into the trash
  • We are there to entertain your kitty so lots of chin scratches, belly rubs if permitted and fun string games
  • After each visit you will receive an email with a photo
  • Pick up mail and water plants if needed
  • We clean up any visible “accidents”.


  • New Clients must book a minimum of 2 weeks prior to services, so that we can meet you at your home and go over details of the visits.
  • Must have a key given to the sitter.
  • All booking should be requested a minimum of 1 week prior to services
  • We provide only every day or twice a day services.

Ways To Contact Us!

Ways to Contact Barks 'n' Purrs

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