Group Dog Walks 30 Minutes 60 Minutes
Weekdays (Monday to Friday) $15 – $17 $19 – $21
Weekends $24 $28
Additional dog in home – 20% off

          Please note:  We have a two day per week minimum for all our walking services

Cat Visits 30 Minutes
Weekdays/Weekends $20
Two Visits a day – 20% off $32
Two or more cats $24
Additional 25% for Holidays


Puppy Visits 30 Minutes
Weekdays (Monday to Friday) $19 – $21
Two Visits a day – 15% off $32 – $34
Additional dog in home 20% off


Boarding 7 nights After 7 nights
Dog walking clients $50 $45
Boarding clients $55 $50
Puppy under 8 Months $60
Additional 25% for Holidays
Additional dog in home 20% off
Daycare: Half day (up to 5 hours) $25
Daycare: Full day (after 5 hours) $35


Additional Services & Rates
Evening Walks – 5 pm to 8 pm – clients only $24 for 30 Minutes
Pet Taxi – Only for boarding clients $20 – $45  Depending on the mileage
Pick Up/Drop Off Keys – when keys are not available at consultation.  We need to come back and pick them up $10

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I wanted to pass along some feedback a neighbor offered to tell me about Tara. To better understand how awesome this is let me first tell you that our neighbor usually keeps to himself and we tend to just exchange pleasant hello’s here and there. He came up to me a short time ago and made a point to tell me that he wanted us to know that the person who is walking Bug on a regular basis really loves our dog. He mentioned that he sees her quite often playing with Bug outside and he can tell that she really loves our little bug and treats her so well and the affection from Bug is returned! As you can imagine that was so nice to hear.
Jacklynn and her dog Bug

Birthday Greetings

Uffe's 4th Birthday

Birthday Greetings

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