About Barks ‘n’ Purrs

Why Us?

  • Locally owned and operated since 2007
  • We cover all of Downtown and Uptown Toronto
  • Insured through Profur Insurance
  • Are certified in Pet First Aid & CPR
  • You will never see Barks N Purrs with more than 5 dogs on a walk.
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

. Check out our solid reputation in our testimonials page.
  • We only hire the best. Our walkers are screened, trialed and trained until we feel they’re ready to go on their own.  Police checks mandatory

  • Same walker each day.

Here At Barks N Purrs We …

  • Favour On-leash and smaller packs so we can focus on your dogs individual needs
  • Walk dogs in their own neighbourhood creating a stress free, comfortable environment
  • Leave progress reports after each walk
  • Ease your stress – we’re easy, quick, and accessible.
  • Use Pet Sit Click Software program to better help with scheduling and invoicing.
  • Only use positive reinforcement and positive training methods.
  • Upload weekly pictures of your dogs adventures.
  • Are always improving our knowledge. Rebecca (the owner) has recently finished her Veterinarian Assistant Certificate as well as a Dog Obedience Training Certificate through Animal Behaviour College. She has started her next Dog Trainer Professional Course at Karen Pryor Academy this September 2014, where she will broaden her knowledge in dog training

It Is Important That We …

  • Build relationships with each of our clients. Although we are a growing company, our clients are number 1 priority.
  • Organize proper group dynamics – lessen the risk of inappropriate behavior.
  • Properly screen all dogs in our care – get to know them before group intros.
  • Meticulously choose our pup packs according to personality, age, health, etc.
  • Build a sense of community, we are affiliated with many great trainers, pet stores and other dog walkers.

Our Guarantee

  • We are more than just dog walkers, We genuinely care for all our furry friends as if they were our own.
  • We believe that a confident dog is a happy dog.  Our goal is to make sure our clients are having a great time when they’re out with us. This includes play time, working on basic training and positive reinforcement.
  • We can guarantee that there will be plenty of cuddles and kisses given on the walk


Birthday Greetings

Uffe's 4th Birthday

Birthday Greetings

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